21 Days of WordPress Tips

Over the past five years that I’ve been building web sites with WordPress I’ve watched it grow from a simple blogging platform to a full blown, feature rich content management system.

Due to WordPress being open source and having a huge repository of plugins, you can use it for just about anything. And over the last several years I have. I’ve built blogs, business websites, e-commerce solutions, wikis, etc… all on the WordPress platform.

With all of this experience I’ve learned the ins and outs of how to create with WordPress and over the next month I’m going to share some of my favorite tips for building websites with WordPress.

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Tip #1: How to combine Wufoo and WordPress for easy custom web forms

Tip #2: WordPress as CMS: Plugins that will get you there

Tip #3: WordPress Templates: Multiple widget locations

Tip #4: WordPress Tip: Common uses for conditional tags

Tip #5: WordPress Tip: Template files and naming conventions

Tip #6: WordPress as CMS: How to make custom fields easy to use

Tip #7: WordPress Tip: Add your branding

Tip #8: Custom WordPress Arrays: Creating a favicon fueled link list

Tip #9: WordPress as CMS: How to use custom fields in your theme

Tip #10: WordPress Tip: How to add author biography information to your posts

Tip #11: WordPress Tip: How to change the domain name

Tip #12: WordPress Tip: How to secure your installation