Author Platform System

When I first met Annie she was an extremely frustrated author. With her last book she had done everything she was “supposed” to do to market her book. She got a lot of traditional media and did the speaker circuit, but it didn’t seem to push sales. As a result, she decided she needed a platform of her own. She started looking around at how to do this and quickly became frustrated.

This, of course, wasn’t her fault. If you try to find a coherent marketing plan online that you can actually use, it quickly becomes a lost cause. There’s so much advice swirling around about Twitter, Facebook, blogging, podcasts, comments, email, conversions, search engine optimization and a hundred other things. Too much advice that doesn’t have any kind of simple plan on how it works all together.

I started working with Annie. I walked her through the Connection System that any author can use to grow their platform. We talked about how her blog, social media, email marketing and everything else she does and how it can all work together to build her platform. We also talked about the things she was doing that were a waste of time and helped her figure out the best things she can do to actually sell books.

Now, Annie is doing great! She’s grown a huge following of people interested in buying her next book. She’s effectively using social media and her blog to attract new readers. All of this has been happening while she’s been writing her new book. When her book comes out later this year, she won’t have to hope that she can find people to buy her book. She’s already connected to them.

Annie is just one of the 100+ authors I’ve worked with over the past four years to help grow their platform, connect with readers and sell more books.

And now I’m putting together something brand new that can help you do the exact same thing.

After working with and talking to so many authors, I’ve noticed the same problems keep showing up over and over.

Here’s the good news though… I can help you with all of these problems.

I love working with authors and coaching them through each of these, and many more, roadblocks they have in reaching their goals.

In fact, let me share two quick things.

First, you have to remember that inviting people to read your book is a good thing for them. Once you believe that your writing makes this world a better place — whether it’s self-help, business tips or fantasy fiction — and the best thing you can do is get more people to read your writing.

While this seems simple and obvious, I’m surprised how many authors I talk to that don’t actually believe this. And if you don’t believe that reading your writing is good for people, you’ll never successfully market your books. Spend some time thinking about why you started writing in the first place. Who are you writing for? Are you adding to their life? If so, then inviting people to be a part of your writing will become so much easier.

Second, besides buying a copy of your book, what the #1 thing you should be doing with all of your online marketing efforts? Should you be growing your Facebook page likes? Should you be doing more guest blog posts? Should you be spend more time creating more content for your blog?

After running several successful book launches and seeing, first hand, what reliably sells books and what doesn’t, I’ve learned the secret. The #1 thing authors should be doing to build their fan base is growing their email list. Being able to directly email your fans is the best way to invite people to buy books down the road. In fact, during a book launch campaign last year I tested selling books through Twitter and an email list for a major author.  Here’s what I found…

You can sell at least 24 times more books to people on an email list versus people following you on Twitter.

Isn’t that amazing? Yet I still constantly see advice telling authors to build their Twitter following even though it’s consistently a waste of time.

Here’s my question for you. Are you ready to stop wasting your time running around frazzled doing a bunch of random things that sometimes sells books, or are you ready to have a plan that will consistently and reliably connect with readers and sell more books?

I’m working on a new project that will help you, for the first time, actually accomplish these goals.

It’s the Author Platform System and I’m making it available to you today. Keep reading to learn more.

Since the release of my book Your First 1000 Copies I’ve been working on new ideas to help authors be successful. I used the book to share the underlying Connection System that helps authors succeed, but I want to go deeper. This new opportunity is right for you if:

I’m putting together the Author Platform System that combines what I’ve learned through building dozens of author’s platforms from scratch and successfully launching several books to the top of the best seller lists:

Here’s a few things authors have said after going through just the content in my book:

Here’s what you’re going to learn going through the Author Platform System:

1. How REAL marketing works

2. Permission

3. Content

4. Outreach

5. Putting it all together

How is the course going to actually work?


What’s the investment?

I’ll be selling this course when it’s done for at least $500. However, I’m looking for a few people to be a part of this course as I build it. Not only will you get a huge discount, but you’ll get to provide ongoing input on what goes into the final course and ask your questions along the way.

I’m opening the pre-sale of the Author Platform System to just a handful of people for $347. As soon as I’ve sold the spots, it’ll close and not be available until after the course is built.

Here’s what you need to do to secure your discounted spot:


If you have any questions, feel free to email me at I’m happy to answer them.

I can’t wait to help you build your platform and sell more books in 2014!