Alltop Blog Redesign

We had the opportunity to re-design the Alltop blog at

Before and After, click for big image.

Before and After, click for big image.

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Site Launch – Hope Gardens

We recently launched, a non-profit in Southern California that provides a safe haven for homeless women and children living in Los Angeles. We wanted to talk a little about it here.

Visit the site to check it out.

Our Role

Working very closely with the Portnoy Media group, we saw this project through from beginning to end. The client had a very specific design they wanted to go with, including the thermometer on the front page. The thermometer would be dynamic (change depending on specific information), and go up as people donated money.


The client wanted to be able to manage their donors in a control panel only accessible by the administration. As mentioned above, they wanted this to reflect in the thermometer. They also wanted to be able to easily change the Naming Opportunities page, below is a sneak peak of what we came up with.

Donations Management

Updates dynamic content

The packaging makes all the difference

One of our clients, Ramit Sethi and I Will Teach You To Be Rich, is a few days into his Save $1000 in 30 days challenge. For 30 days Ramit will give his top tips on how you can save money quickly and easily.

The idea is brilliant.

In essence, it’s nothing different than what Ramit regularly publishes on his site. Money advice. It’s not rocket science and he certainly isn’t the only one doing it.

However, in the first week of the challenge he’s garnered front page links on Lifehacker, Consumerist and several other sites and he’s signed up several thousand new subscribers to his email list.

So why is his money advice getting so much attention with the 30 day challenge over his regular blogging schedule?

  1. He’s focusing on results (for his readers) – His readers want to get the most from their money. He’s promising an extra $1000 at the end of 30 days of following his advice. That’s about $1000 more than any other money advice has done before for most of us. Very helpful.
  2. The message is clear – The media (whether traditional or not) love messages that are simple and straight forward. When you hear “Save $1000 in 30 days challenge”, you know exactly what the content is and how helpful it will be. Very linkable.
  3. It’s easy to signup – In every challenge article there is a signup box to get the daily tips (plus bonus ones!) sent straight to your email. Very accessible. Very easy.

There’s other things Ramit is doing right with this campaign, but this covers why repackaging your content in a more compelling way will offer up much bigger results.

Oh yeah, and if you want to join the challenge, you can post this wicked cool badge we designed for it:

save money
Learn to save money