I don’t like Flash – the end.

by  Joseph Hinson

I went to Tazo.com to pick out some tea for the office here (that’s right, I love tea, and I long for a British accent) when I see this:

No thanks, I'd rather go someplace else...like WalMart.

No thanks, I'd rather just browse Amazon.

C’mon Tazo! I like your tea! I want to drink Tazo tea, and browse your selection for more…but I can’t because I have to go download Flash 7?! I have Flash 10; perhaps you should use updatable text there instead of an image.

To me, it’s just not worth the trade-off. With the awesome stuff you can do with JQuery, why use a plugin that requires visitors to go away, then download and install it, then come back?

If visitors see this kind of stuff on your site, you should seriously think about using another web technology. Plus, Flash is bulky; and it’s frustrating to make changes to your files (in my experience).

I can’t think of something that in 90% of websites I visit, couldn’t be done without Flash. I need quick access to information, and URLs I can bookmark. Flash doesn’t help me with either of these.

Joseph HinsonJoseph Hinson is the president and owner of Out:think Group, a firm that helps authors build their platforms, connect with readers and sell more books.

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