The Big List of Tools

The internet is overloaded with tools and resources for building a website, setting up an email list and everything else you need to do in order to build a web platform. We have taken the time to test them all and find the best ones out there.

Website – We use WordPress for every site we build.  It is an extremely easy platform to setup a website and has a large array of plugins and customizable options.

Hosting – If you choose to go with you can skip this section.  However, if you want to setup your own website then you are going to need to get a host so you have a place to put your website online.  There are hundreds of hosts out there and most of them are awful.  Here are the two good ones:

WordPress Themes – Once you have WordPress installed, you have to make it look right by adding a theme.

Email Marketing – If you’ve made it this far in the course, you know you have to start an email list.  The one and only service we recommend is MailChimp.  They are easy to use, have great support, offer free service up to 2000 subscribers and are constantly innovating and adding new features.

Analytics – Once you get everything setup, you’re going to want to know what is going on.  Who is visiting your site?  Where are they coming from?  How are people signing up for your mailing list?  Here are the products we recommend:

Ecommerce – Most authors and tribe leaders don’t have a huge amount of stuff to sell.  You aren’t running an online store with 100s of products.  However, you may want to put up the occasional e-book or audio file for sale.  Ejunkie is a great service for this.  While you do have to have some technical knowledge to set it up, they do a great job taking the really complicated stuff off your plate.

Social Media – How do you keep up with Twitter, Facebook and everything else you are doing in social media?