Introducing MyBooks, by Out:think

MyBooks for Authors is a WordPress plugin that gives authors the ability to quickly and easily add books, complete with cover images and buy links, to their WordPress blog. By creating a post type called “Books”, authors can add all of their books under “Books” just as they would new posts or pages. By also uploading a book cover and setting it as featured, the book will be displayed on the page. The plugin also includes an optional widget to be used in the sidebar with several options, including an animation to slide through the books.

Additionally, a shortcode is available for users of this plugin to place anywhere in the book page that will show the buylinks by simply inserting [buylinks].

Use this plugin to feature your books, along with optional buy links for the following:

  • iBooks
  • Indiebound

Download MyBooks for Authors from the WordPress Plugin Repository.

How to use MyBooks for Authors:

1) Install the Plugin


You can quickly and easily install the plugin by searching “mybooks for authors”, “books for authors”, or “mybooks” through the WordPress repository.


Click “Install Now”, Activate the plugin.

2) Add your books


Begin adding books as you would add any post or page in WordPress

2a) Add your book title and details


1) Book Title
2) Book Description
3) Book Subtitle (if applicable)
4) Book Buy Links, all that apply

2b) Add your book image as “Featured”




Once you’ve clicked “Use as featured image”, for your book cover, the plugin will automatically generate the thumbnail to be used in the sidebar widget if you choose to use the widget. It will also add the image and book links to the book page itself.

You may additionally edit the page, but these settings are the minimum in order to ensure your book page is filled out, now publish the page:


Here is what your page will now look like:


As you can see in the example above, the plugin will automatically resize the book to your “Medium” size (can be changed in Settings > Media), and put whatever buy links you have included below the book. Additional Options include:

Using the [booklinks] shortcode

If you choose to use the [booklinks] shortcode, you can insert the buy links wherever you want in your content by using the shortcode:
[booklinks], as seen in the following two screenshots:



Insert the image and booklinks into the content:



Using the MyBooks Widget



  1. Number of books to display – by default this is “-1”, which means all of them. If you would like to limit the number of books, simply enter how many you want to show here.
  2. Order – how do you want to order the books? Menu Order is by default, and with this option, you can arrange them easily by changing the “Order” attribute (found in the edit page dialog). The options here are “Menu Order”, “Random”, or “Last Modified”.
  3. Rotate books with animation – this is a check box to tell whether or not you want to rotate the books (one at a time) in the sidebar.
  4. Seconds between transitionsonly if above option is checked, changes the time between transitions.

By simply dragging the widget to the sidebar and clicking “Save”, the books widget will be active.