The 10k Experiment Rules

I want to make sure everything I do with the 10k Experiment is transparent and honest. With that motive in mind, here’s a short list of guidelines I’ve created for myself:

  1. Free books don’t count. Any giveaways or free copies of the book do not count to the total sales number in the 10k Experiment.
  2. Discounts do count. The book is normally priced at $3.99 but from time-to-time I’ve run special promotions for lower prices. These count as sales. Basically, if someone spends money on the book, it counts towards the 10,000 total.
  3. Copies I purchase don’t count. Any copies I’ve purchased through any means do not count towards the 10,000 total.
  4. Bulk sales do count. I’ve given a few organizations discounts on bulk sales. I am counting these towards the 10,000 total (see #2).
  5. I will strive to be as clear and honest with my reporting as possible. Sometimes numbers you get from various outlets are a little fuzzy, but I will always do my best to provide accurate numbers and, when in doubt, report lower numbers instead of higher.