About Us

Authors are more than just authors. They’re world-changers, consultants, speakers, and business owners. We understand. From high-level strategy to nitty-gritty technical details, our work goes beyond just selling books. We empower your brand, your tribe and your career.

Out:think Group is not simply a web design, web development or marketing firm. We are a passionate cross-disciplinary team of web professionals who use our skills to build a following around you. We understand that you’re building a lasting following to support whatever you do next, and that is at the core of all of our decisions.

We use tools like websites, social media, and email marketing to engage your audience and build your platform for long-term growth.

Meet the team


Joseph Hinson

President / Lead Developer


Nathan Torrence

Automation Expert


Josh Kennedy

Front-end Designer


Meagan Hinson

Project Manager

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